Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Megilla Project, Eicha - Great Expectations

Rarely do things ever turn out exactly as we expected. Oftentimes we are disappointed. Sometimes, though, we are pleasantly surprised.

When I started Kohelet, I expected to find it cathartic, or comforting, and really it was neither one. It did, however, turn into one of the most intricate and difficult paper cuts I'd ever made.

When I embarked on the second installment of my project, Eicha, I expected at some point to be using it for comfort. And mostly, I expected it to take at least three weeks, if not a month. I set a goal for myself to finish it by Tisha B'Av.

Instead, I finished it this morning, on 17 Tammuz, the first day of the dreaded Three Weeks of mourning, which culminate with Tisha B'Av. The Three Weeks have barely even started, and I've already finished this project.

I could take this as an example of exceeding my own expectations. I could see it as something not turning out to take as long as I feared. I could also look with some dread at the coming weeks as if they were saying, "you thought you had us figured out? We haven't even begun!"

But that prospect seems overly negative and frightening, even for someone who just spent the last two weeks immersed in arguably the most depressing book in Tanach.

So what do I take from this? I guess that sometimes things don't take as long as we think they will. Other times, like with Kohelet, they take much longer, but even those projects are ultimately completed.

And now here come the Three Weeks, and so continues my search for those things that will make up my next year. And on to the framer's.

Total Side Note: In looking for a sturdy case in which to store this piece, I happened across some small prints of some of my older paper cuts. I am hereby selling these prints for five-ten dollars each. Keep in mind, they are unframed, and not professionally printed. They do, however, look pretty darn nice. Sizes range from 10x10 - 11x17. Message me or comment below if interested.


  1. This is absolutely magnificent! you made this? Out of the words of Eicha? Wow - I wish I had talent like this

  2. I love it, and am actually very interested! Please feel free to touch base with me at sicat222@gmail.com


  3. Aliza... please let me know the bet way to reach you, as I haven't heard from you.

    1. Hi Irina! It's been a little crazy, sorry for the delayed response. You can email me at acd373@nyu.edu.